- The Moon - 

"The moon understands what it means to be human.
Uncertain. Alone. Cratered by imperfections." 
― Shatter Me

Designed and sculpted by ZECTRON with a little concept input from Tru:tek and inspired by the first mini oozeball I designed and sculpted myself last year and also by the film Le Voyage dans la Lune. Several weeks of sketching concept and theory took place long before any actual clay work began. Once the groundwork was in place the sculpt itself took me a few months and even that part of the process required several tweaks and a couple major reworks to fit the vision I wanted to achieve. 

The design itself will be made in two parts. I opted to avoid the standard blank plug used in many vinyl toys and instead design my own plug to allow the texture and shape of the ball to continue over the entire piece and actually leave it looking and feeling like a ball. I did place a single large crater with smooth edges on the exact bottom though so it will "stand" nicely on it's own rather then just roll around. 

To keep the whole process feeling personal i added ashes from the 1980 Mount. St. Helens volcanic eruption to the clay for a slightly rougher texture. I also added tiny shaved flecks taken from an of actual iron nickel meteorite that was a gift from my absolute favorite person. Would have just felt wrong to make the moon without using pieces of the stars. 

- The Atomic Uchuujin - 

"Earth people give good blood. "

The Atomic Uchuujin(japanese for space alien)is loosely inspired by an old monster from a long banned episode of Ultraseven. The episode in question was about vampire aliens from a radiated planet coming to earth in search of blood. Pretty much the entire show was full of wonderfully horrible themes and ideas but what actually got it banned was the fact the aliens were mistakenly called a-bomb survivors in a japanese publication. Not a good idea especially in japan during the 1960's. Since then it has been totally missing from syndication in japan and it was even left out of the official Ultraseven complete series DVD collection that released recently. Luckily it did air in hawaii and the states a few decades ago and a few kind people occasionally upload it on youtube for anyone who cares enough to look. So if you have 21 minutes to spare click below!

Working out packaging now but if you did take the time to watch the episode you'll enjoy the watch I designed with the help of Ralph Niese for coloring to go along with the figure(okay it's really a button from button-lab.com but they do such great work it really does look like a watch).

The Ooze-Claw...

“The only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.” 
― C.S. Lewis

This is a pile of goo moving as though gravity were reversed with an alien hand coming out of it. It was created partly because it sounded fun and also to hold both of the ball shaped figures I've sculpted. The hand itself is mostly random alien features with a bit of the old dead hand from the original war of the worlds movie mixed in. 

- Primordial Ooze - 

Anyone remember this thing?

Had to be the oddest toy i  ever saw as a kid. Some green alien type monster that you fill with ooze and then you squeeze until it's face pours out. Since it's release in the early 80's there have been a number of re-releases and bootleg versions. My personal favorite is the tiny micro-ooze mini-figure.

I decided to pay my respect to the original design and sculpt a very simple version of an ooze-it styled madball. My goal was to take elements from both the original version and from the classic madball style and twist them together into something that resembled both but was actually neither.